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Yes, my name is Julie and yes, I really bake these cookies...

Julie DeLeeuw baking Julie's Blue Ribbon Cookies in her kitchen

Get ready for some sweet sensations

Julie has been baking for what to most will seem like forever. Her collection of recipes started more than 40 years ago. In 1989 Julie entered her cookies in the Wisconsin State Fair and was awarded a Blue Ribbon. With a variety of experience in sales and marketing, Julie’s Blue Ribbon Cookies have become a calling card and a well known desired treat for all that know Julie. With a full life in Colorado and Wisconsin, the reputation of these cookies continues to grow.

Homemade cookies available for all

Julie is a product of the dairy state, Wisconsin. Her cookies are made with REAL BUTTER and only the highest quality natural ingredients. She prides herself on the quality that makes these cookies unique.

A stick of butter on a plate
Baking supplies in Julie's Kitchen for chocolate chip cookies

Julie’s cookies have grown to be loved by all her friends, family, and business acquaintances. Her cookies have become a favorite for caterers, as unique dazzling gifts for dinners, and corporate awards.


For the last 30 years, Julie has been wowing folks with her giant Christmas baking extravaganza. Close to 40 kinds of cookies (dozens and dozens), and they are all recipes Julie has perfected over the years. With Love and Holiday Spirit, Julie and her husband have either entertained as many as 60 plus friends and allowed them to gather their Holiday treasure, or they package the cookies and deliver them.

Wooden baking counter

Grab your milk, tea, coffee, and get ready "addicted" (in a good way!)

Julie is excited to have her homemade cookies available to everyone. Julie will fulfill your cookies delights beyond your imagination. She has hundreds of recipes and will make a wide variety of cookies, always available for you.

Mixer making cookies in the kitchen of Julie's Blue Ribbon Cookies
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